Our Services - individual Consultation

Inbound and outbound


I advise both domestic as well as foreign companies; whether this is setting up a company, choosing the appropriate legal form, incorporating a company, as well as the ongoing tax advice in connection with the further development of the company. Moreover, in conjunction with my partner, Koller & Partner GmbH StB, I offer accounting, payroll accounting and the preparation of annual financial statements as well as tax returns. As a managing partner at Koller & Partner, I can guarantee the flow of information as well as the quality of advice because we work in permanent teams.
If necessary or desired, I can offer other services through my network (this includes, in particular, legal consulting, auditing as well as business consulting), which is always tailored to the particular advice needed. I will gladly work together with your advisers.


In regard to this, I have an excellent network of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers of various magnitudes in the Netherlands at my disposal, who are also focused on the German-Dutch region; in this respect, they are especially attuned to cultural differences and characteristics and are thus in the perfect position to provide the best assistance.
In view of my many years of experience in transnational consultancy, I have observed that the close proximity of the Netherlands and Germany and the underestimated language barrier faced by investors who are in the process of investing in the respective neighbouring country, often lead to a lack of the necessary sensitivity needed to deal with customers, suppliers and the choice of advertising medium, etc. so that easily avoidable mistakes might prevent a possible success.
Advertisements and negotiations are made according to the motto: ‘that’s no problem at all; we are familiar with this; we go on holiday here’, and therefore people work in the way that they are accustomed to in their own country and under the assumption that it works there just as well.


The VAT treatment of cross-border services and exchange of goods within and outside the EU member states as well as the procedures for the deduction of input tax are all areas where I can support clients with my professional knowledge.


Furthermore, there are many income tax issues, for example, in connection with the transfer of employees (inbound/outbound) that need to be dealt with. Therefore, having a wealth of extensive experience in international tax law at my disposal, I am in a position to offer practical advice and services, as well as accompany you during the implementation. Here are just a few examples of the assignments as well as the solutions, I’ve been commissioned with:

  • Providing advice on issues of national and international corporate tax law
  • Providing support during tax audits
  • Ongoing tax consultation
  • Advising foreign investors in regard to inbound issues (incorporating a business; choice of legal form, tax registration)
  • Special VAT consultation (VAT check, special topics, VAT in the EU, etc.)
  • VAT registration
  • The submission of advance VAT returns
  • Tax restructuring consultation
  • Leading appeal proceedings
  • Mediating disputes with the tax authorities
  • Succession planning (inheritance and gift tax advice)
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Payroll and financial accounting with my partners [Koller & Partner]