Our Services - individual Consultation

Stefan Kuck, Degree in Tax Law and Business [Diplom-Finanzwirt],
Certified Advisor for International Tax Law

My work involves providing a wealth of services pertaining to tax advice, tax planning as well as consultation services for medium-sized businesses and business groups. Moreover, I can call upon my international network to support the services I provide. In particular, I have excellent contacts with an extensive range of professional offices in the Netherlands; these provide services for all your requirements (tax consultants, auditors and lawyers), some of them even provide their services in German.
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Consultation and Services for
Company Owners

  • Clear and practical advice for owner-run and/or medium-sized companies and business groups
  • Providing advice on issues of national and international corporate tax law
  • Tax advice ranging from setting up a company up to the liquidation of domestic companies of all legal forms, including permanent establishments
  • Inbound consulting for foreign investors
  • Special advice pertaining to VAT
  • Leading and providing support during appeals proceedings (also in cases where the deduction of input tax has been declined)
  • Applications for the exemption from withholding tax (building services, dividends, royalties, Supervisory Board remuneration)
  • Certification procedure (e.g. the service recipient and the service provider are both building contractors)
  • Providing advice during audits (general audits, special VAT audit, special wage tax audits)
  • Providing consultation on tax issues pertaining to company restructure
  • Advice pertaining to tax issues for succession planning
  • Providing advice on private assets as gifts (e.g. real estate, capital assets) or gift/transfer of business assets in the context of anticipated succession
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Payroll and financial accounting, preparation of annual financial statements as well as net income method (with partners)

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Consultation and Services
for private tax payers

  • Preparation of all tax returns for private parties for both limited and unlimited tax payers
  • Income Tax
  • Advice on inheritance and gift tax

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